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Wedding Banquet Planning: Summer Garden Restaurant - Qianxi Group (SAFRA Mount Faber)

Delayed post about our experience while researching for places to hold our wedding reception. We actually scoured high and low for the best deal, and visited quite a few venues as well. One of them which I'd like to particularly address today is Summer Garden @ Qianxi, SAFRA Mount Faber.

After doing some research online, we decided to visit the venue for a site recce and texted the contact number provided. I received a call from one "Torrance", who spoke with me briefly and obtained the dates which we were keen to hold our wedding on. He then followed up with a text message to inform me of his contact number. Later on that day, he sent another text message to ask for updates, and I informed him that we may be going down that evening for a site recce. His replies were curt, but I thought nothing of it as I presumed he must be very busy dealing with enquiries everyday.

However, he asked for the banquet date again even though I had just informed him earlier that morning. Errrr, not very professional leh. What's more, it was hardly even a proper question, just one word with a question mark -- "date?" and I was expected to understand him. Hmm.

Nvm about that, we made an impromptu decision to check out the venue that very evening and it slipped my mind to inform him before that. He was not there as we did not confirm the appointment with him, but got someone else to speak with us instead. He told us to look for a lady (cannot recall the name now), a PRC lady, who did not even bother about us even though we were walking up and down the venue desperately looking for someone to attend to us. The PRC lady was chatting happily and animatedly on the phone for a good 15 mins while we waited and loitered around for someone who was free. In comparison, all other venues we visited were pro-active in serving us or, at the very least, asking if we needed any help.

Anyway, I think Torrance made a call to the PRC lady who finally attended to us. She was friendly, chatty, and although she wasn't exactly very knowledgeable, we left the place extremely keen on the venue just based on the location and price package itself. As it was a Friday night, we decided to discuss amongst ourselves over the weekend and come to a conclusion by the start of the next week as we were also waiting for the dates to be "counted" and the final date to be given to us.

Saturday night, I received a text from Torrance asking if we had come to a conclusion. I saw the text but was busy and hence unable to reply. Shortly after, he sent another text asking if we were still keen. Which kinda annoyed me, to be frank.

Okay, if he had told me there and then that he had other interested couples and needed me to respond immediately, I would have understood his position much more. However, that was NOT the case. Plainly put, he was just eager to close the deal. I tried to clarify with him:

Just look at that spam lol. Firstly, I mentioned we will decide over the weekend, so it does not make sense to text me just the day after!? Are you giving me like a deadline of 24hrs to decide on my wedding banquet?! Also, what is with asking me to come over the very next day -- like hello, why so kan chiong??!!

It was a major turn off and I replied him that we were no longer keen and for him to stop contacting me. He agreed and replied that he would release the dates, but less than a minute later called me to try to "explain" to me. I did not want to have any of it and politely told him that there was nothing to explain as we had already made up our minds. He was persistent and I got irritated, so I passed the phone to the husband, but Torrance then decided to HANG UP THE PHONE ON HIM LOL. Just for the record, my husband was not even shouting and did not even lose his temper. He merely questioned the need to send multiple texts in the span of like less than 15 minutes. Super unprofessional to hang up on someone mid-conversation IMO. Anyway, still dissatisfied, the husband tried to call again and Torrance picked up on the second try. Much to our dismay, he claimed that he did not hang up on us (oh yes he did, TWICE -- once in the midst of conversation and once when we tried to call through to him) but that his phone was spoilt. HAHAHA okaaayyyy... Thereafter he came up with some cock and bull story as a form of explanation, and when we mentioned about his boss, he told us that HE WAS THE BOSS OF ALL THE QIANXI OUTLETS and hence had to manage all outlets islandwide, which was why he was so busy and had to hurry us to confirm our interest. Omgggg I nearly choked on my own saliva. Husband then found out that he had lied and that he was just an employee. *inserts LOL emoji x10000*

I have to admit the rates there was really reasonable though, but glad we didn't settle for less eventually. Can't imagine what we would have had to go through if we had gone ahead with holding our wedding at Summer Garden, Qianxi Restaurant, at SAFRA Mount Faber. To be frank, I was appalled by the service standards of someone who was supposed to persuade us to hire their services for a deal worth nearly $20k lol. Plus, I had assumed Qianxi Group was quite big and reputable, no? Guess I must've been wrong.


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