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Pregnancy Week 20 - Best Week Ever

Just stepped into the 20th week of my pregnancy, and this was by far the best week ever.

1) We stayed at my place through the weekend as it was more convenient for us to head to KKH for my detailed scan on Saturday morning, and also more convenient for me to meet a friend near my place on Sunday. We didn't go back to my in-laws' place, and just that thought itself was enough to leave me feeling pretty great all through the weekend.

2) We got to see our little Dino on Saturday morning during the FA scan. We expected a long queue/waiting time, but much to our delight, there was no queue at all - there were only about 3-4 mummies waiting for their scan. We got everything done and over with in an hour - and this includes the time it took for me to take a break and walk around halfway through the scan because our baby just didn't wanna cooperate with the sonographer :')


Over the weekend I casually brought up the topic of the living arrangements of my friend and her bf. They've been dating for five years now, and on weekdays the bf would usually bunk in at my friend's place. Weekends, he'll return to his own place alone. I tried to hint to the husband that that may be a feasible solution for us, but nope, he had none of it. His only question to me was "are they married?", to which the answer was no, and hence it was a no-go for us as well.

I respect my in-laws a lot, and I do not mind splurging on them or treating them to good meals. I sure as hell do not mind visiting them as well, and I have long acknowledged that it is our duty, as a son and daughter-in-law, to be filial to them for the rest of our lives. BUT I will be direct here and state that I do mind having to provide financially for the husband's brother/s, or to have to be responsible for them when they are both legal adults already. I do mind that his youngest brother's girlfriend does not bother trying to correct her boyfriend's mistakes, or that she condones his actions knowing full well they are not right. I am no angel, but what I know is that if I love someone, I wouldn't want him to splurge unnecessarily (especially if he's not earning that much yet), I wouldn't want him to waste his time and life on meaningless things, and most importantly, I'd want him be independent, responsible AND filial. Personally I feel the husband's youngest brother has changed tremendously, and although I am nobody to judge, I don't feel comfortable that he demands for food at home when he is able to get food himself, or that he expects us to give him a lift - with his girlfriend - wherever, or whenever. Perhaps it is the way he asks for things that irks me, like it is exceptionally demanding and that we should accede because we have a car. If you are not paying for my petrol, then you have zero rights to demand anything. True story bro. Or perhaps it is because he has changed so much recently that I feel he's started to take everything for granted - his family included, that I no longer feel friendly enough to offer him rides/food/anything, for that matter.

Also, over the weekends, I made a huge discovery:

Public toilets are cleaner than the common toilet at the husband's/in-laws' place.

I am not exaggerating, and of course I am referring to shopping mall toilets and not coffee shop toilets lah. But it is so true and I can't help repeating this phrase in my mind everytime I visit different shopping mall toilets. You can just imagine how many times this phrase comes into my mind, when I now visit the toilet an average of once every two hours these days. I wonder if the husband or his family would find this embarrassing if I told them this. They'd probably just laugh it off... Whereas if I were to compare my house toilet with public toilets, my parents would probably feel insulted, to say the least.

Sigh, what to do... Counting down to the days we can move into our own place, although there isn't even a number for me to countdown from right now lol.

No way to "siam" this weekend, I'm pretty sure the husband would go ballistic if I were to come up with another excuse to not return to my in-laws' place... Totally looking forward to the weekends already...                                    Not.


Sidenote: The husband has been absolutely adorable so far - cheering me up on days where I feel moody for no reason at all; making me laugh/smile with his silly antics; staying home with or around me most of the time even though he doesn't really need to; bringing me out and buying me just about anything and everything I request for; satisfying my cravings, etc etc. I love him so much but I wish life could just revolve around us and our family :( I know this sounds so unreasonable and I definitely am not gonna ask for it, but I guess sometimes we just wish for the impossible. Writing this here to remind myself of how I have to treasure this gem I've found, and to never do anything that would potentially hurt him...


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