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Pregnancy & Smoking

For the past 12 years, I had been a habitual smoker. I started off with one pack lasting me a week or sometimes more. The addiction escalated over the years and soon it became one pack to last two days; at times that wasn't even enough. I loved my mornings with cigarettes and coffee. It was the best combination for me - I could sit outside enjoying my smoke, stick after stick, for hours on end. I think this kinda took a toll on my health because I'd find myself having difficulties breathing sometimes. But it didn't matter that much to me, because smoking had become such a big part of my life. I smoked when I was enjoying and having fun, I smoked when I was stressed, I smoked when I was bored, I smoked when I was sad, I smoked when I was busy. There was every occasion to smoke everyday.

And then I got pregnant.

In a way, we planned for the baby. We wanted and were eager to start a family of our own. So we were elated when we found out I was pregnant.

The first three months …

Week 22: Aches, Pains & Discomfort

We are at week 22 - more than halfway through. In less than 20 weeks (hopefully), baby Dino will be out and I honestly have no idea what to expect at all.

I've been feeling the aches a lot more these days, especially in the back. I can no longer stand for as long as before, and I feel it most when I'm doing the dishes. It is so painful to the extent I feel like I may collapse anytime, yet I don't want to voice out because I don't want the husband to be doing everything. He is tired enough as it is, physically, and I want to try to help him lighten his load. But I feel so useless because the lethargy and aches really get to me so bad that sometimes (or most of the time, rather) I just wanna lay in bed and not move.

Apart from that, the chest tightness and difficulty in breathing has been gotten A LOT worse. These days I feel so breathless and it gets increasingly uncomfortable especially after a meal, be it heavy or not. I know that it is because as my tummy grows bigge…