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Post Wedding Update

The wedding is finally over. A huge load off our shoulders. Honestly never knew planning for a wedding was that stressful, especially when you've got less than a month to plan the entire event. Super proud of the husband that he managed to get almost everything done himself -- we didn't even have a wedding planner. Definitely wasn't an easy task and further affirms my decision that I've chosen the right man to marry.

Post wedding, we've been slightly busier with baby matters. Went for our scan last week and it was such a heart warming moment to see baby dino wriggling inside. Sonographer commented on how active the baby was, which just reminds me that everything I've gone through so far was absolutely worth it. The morning sickness is getting better these days. I'm still extremely sensitive to smell, and it doesn't help that there's this smell in my office which I cannot take at all. I still feel nauseous every morning because of this stupid smell, …

Wedding & Pregnancy

Back to blogging after a long while. Over the years I grew lazy and didn't really make the effort to maintain my personal blog anymore, but now that I'm all grown up, there are quite a few things I'd like to document, and so I thought it'd be great setting up a brand new blog where I can diary basically anything and everything for the world (or anyone interested, if any at all) to read.


It's the 1st of February 2018 today and in 10 days, it'll be my big day -- the day of my wedding. Contrary to others' experiences, I have little to be excited about. Instead, I'm filled with fatigue, dread, anxiety and a myriad of other negative emotions. It is no joy planning for such a big event when you're constantly battling morning sickness. The physical exhaustion is real. The emotional imbalance is real. The self-hate is real, every morning when I look myself in the mirror and notice just how much weight I've put on. Sad to say, this may never be the dr…