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Fight Day

Just the other day the husband and I had a huge fight. Ironically it was right after I posted my last update, where I reminded myself of my love for him and how I should not ever hurt him.

He was offended that I seemed to look down on his family and find them low class, or uncultured. Apparently I had said those exact words some time back and he did not take offense then, instead choosing to keep silent. I guess he finally snapped when we brought up the topic of the upcoming weekends again, and when I openly displayed my reluctance to return to the in-laws' place. I tried to explain to him that I did not mean that, and that if I did say it explicitly, it might have come out the wrong way. But it was futile because he insisted that I did mean what I say, that in summary I looked down on his family for being low class. It affected me a lot because it implied that I did not respect his parents, which was not true. Not ever. I believe I'd also mentioned in this blog numerous times…

Pregnancy Week 20 - Best Week Ever

Just stepped into the 20th week of my pregnancy, and this was by far the best week ever.

1) We stayed at my place through the weekend as it was more convenient for us to head to KKH for my detailed scan on Saturday morning, and also more convenient for me to meet a friend near my place on Sunday. We didn't go back to my in-laws' place, and just that thought itself was enough to leave me feeling pretty great all through the weekend.

2) We got to see our little Dino on Saturday morning during the FA scan. We expected a long queue/waiting time, but much to our delight, there was no queue at all - there were only about 3-4 mummies waiting for their scan. We got everything done and over with in an hour - and this includes the time it took for me to take a break and walk around halfway through the scan because our baby just didn't wanna cooperate with the sonographer :')


Over the weekend I casually brought up the topic of the living arrangements of my friend and her bf. T…

Approaching Weekends

That awful feeling of looking forward to yet dreading the weekends.

Wonder if anyone knows just how it feels. Reminding myself daily that this is adulthood, and it is all a test of my patience. Yet at the same time feeling my patience wearing thin, trapped between not wanting to put the husband in a difficult position but yearning to listen to my heart at the same time. Oftentimes we are advised to "follow your heart", but it is never as easy as it seems.

I do not want to return there.
I do not want to return to a place I cannot call home...

18 Weeks Pregnant: Emotional Struggles

It's been a tough journey thus far. You'd think that after settling the wedding, we'd have one load off our shoulders, but sadly that is not the case. Problems seem to surface one after another, and I'm starting to feel that maybe I am not cut out to be a wife, or a mother. Maybe I would have been better off spending the rest of my life gallivanting, engaging in cheap thrills, up till the day I pass on. I am tired, way too tired, and I'm struggling so hard to find that ounce of strength within me to hold out till the end.

The biggest problem we're facing right now is our plans after the birth of baby Dino. We had initially agreed on letting my MIL look after the baby, which was the reason why we wanted to move to somewhere near them, but then now that comes with an extra price tag since we are not able to purchase our own flat at the moment. Should we want our MIL to help take care of the baby, we'll have to move in with them. It is the only solution. My mo…

Wedding Banquet Planning: Summer Garden Restaurant - Qianxi Group (SAFRA Mount Faber)

Delayed post about our experience while researching for places to hold our wedding reception. We actually scoured high and low for the best deal, and visited quite a few venues as well. One of them which I'd like to particularly address today is Summer Garden @ Qianxi, SAFRA Mount Faber.

After doing some research online, we decided to visit the venue for a site recce and texted the contact number provided. I received a call from one "Torrance", who spoke with me briefly and obtained the dates which we were keen to hold our wedding on. He then followed up with a text message to inform me of his contact number. Later on that day, he sent another text message to ask for updates, and I informed him that we may be going down that evening for a site recce. His replies were curt, but I thought nothing of it as I presumed he must be very busy dealing with enquiries everyday.

However, he asked for the banquet date again even though I had just informed him earlier that morning. Er…