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Week 22: Aches, Pains & Discomfort

We are at week 22 - more than halfway through. In less than 20 weeks (hopefully), baby Dino will be out and I honestly have no idea what to expect at all.

I've been feeling the aches a lot more these days, especially in the back. I can no longer stand for as long as before, and I feel it most when I'm doing the dishes. It is so painful to the extent I feel like I may collapse anytime, yet I don't want to voice out because I don't want the husband to be doing everything. He is tired enough as it is, physically, and I want to try to help him lighten his load. But I feel so useless because the lethargy and aches really get to me so bad that sometimes (or most of the time, rather) I just wanna lay in bed and not move.

Apart from that, the chest tightness and difficulty in breathing has been gotten A LOT worse. These days I feel so breathless and it gets increasingly uncomfortable especially after a meal, be it heavy or not. I know that it is because as my tummy grows bigger due to the baby needing more space, I'd inevitably feel more and more constricted upwards. But how do people actually get through this?! I keep feeling as if I'm gonna suffocate to death soon. The husband says I can get through it because nearly every woman has gone/would go through it at some point, and I do agree, but it is so tough. Both physically and emotionally.

Last week I suffered from terrible heartburn, and this week it's body aches, chest tightness, and just a general feeling of discomfort throughout the body.

A couple more days till week 23; let's see what other "surprises" the coming weeks will bring me...


Dear baby Dino,
You are a blessing to mummy and papa, and no matter how tough it gets, I will pull through because I know you are worth it. It is such a joy feeling you move and kick, and everyday I look forward to these moments because I know they will not last forever. We love you so much already, and our only wish right now is for you to grow healthily inside me, so that we can look forward to a radiant you when I pop you out in a few more months. Till then, mummy will bear all the aches, pain and discomfort, patiently waiting to see you soon :)


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